God and Gays: Bridging the Gap

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God AND Gays,

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"Having recently 'been there,' reconciling being gay and Christian, this piece was missing. People need it. Honestly, lives are depending on it."
- R. Graham, California

I’ve been feeling emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. Alone. Scared. I came to the movie hoping to find some solace, some safe space…and I found it. I learned I’m not alone. I can’t tell you what that does for me.
- B. Whitten, Pennsylvania



“…I learnt a few things watching this film, as well as feeling a range of emotions from a bit of anger and frustration to feeling huge sympathy for some of the people brave enough to talk about their lives.”
- R. Brunton, Scotland

She was a mother with two daughters, living in Arkansas. She raised her family in the church, devoutly living what was taught from the pulpit every day of the week. Not just a “Sunday Christian,” her radio was tuned to the local Christian station, her environment secure and pure – committed for life to something she truly believed.

Then, it happened.

She suffered a shock that would change her life - forced to confront everything she believed in.

From one of her beloved daughters, Anna, she heard the words she never dreamed she’d hear…“Mom, I’m gay.”

But how? How could that happen? How could her daughter deviate into such sinful behavior? Where had she, as a mother, gone wrong? How could Anna, her daughter, of all children, strayed into choosing the “homosexual lifestyle”?

Day by day, Mary Lou’s relationship with her daughter deteriorated. It got worse and worse. They could no longer speak to each other…and, finally, daughter Anna, found they could not speak to each other at all.

In desperation, Anna wrote her mom a letter telling her that her shaming words had destroyed her and their relationship. It had become clear that Mary Lou believed, “it would be better for her daughter to be dead than to be gay.”


Hear Jason Stuart's coming out story

YOU Don’t Have to Make the Same Mistakes
That Others Make…

“As a former fundamentalist preacher, I found the information unusually accurate and addressed with compassion.” - Bob S., Arkansas

Hear Rev. Dr. Mel White on what happened to him

"This movie gives voice to a reality that is often ignored or overlooked by Christians and the Church at large. It teaches love, acceptance and encourages people to practice what Jesus modeled." Sarah V., Oklahoma

"Amazing, very informative, honest, and enlightening. It's just a movie that you have to see." D. Castro, Florida

“This movie is long overdue. It presents a very insightful and warm perspective of being human.” J. Hughes, Arizona

“Discrimination is detrimental at all levels. This movie really does bridge the gap.” D. Conway, Virginia


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